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Monday, December 26, 2016



Yes, this is a product endorsement.  
(No, we are not getting paid for or reimbursed for sure would be nice though if we were.)

Wow is not a big enough expletive to describe using the apparatus or the product issuing from the basket.  We should've taken pictures.  You can go to "You Tube" and find lots of videos describing the use of the cooker and how to prepare the "meat" and cook it.  
(Look at several for lots of ways to use the "fryer".)

 A bit of history:  We were at our son's Navy retirement ceremony.  
He had bought one of the

I didn't pay much attention to the assembly but less than 3 hours later there was a turkey sitting and cooling it's heels on his kitchen counter.  To say it was a gourmet delight is to put it mildly.  To say that cleanup was a breeze is an understatement.  I have reached that stage in life where I don't want to buy another cooking gadget.  Technically I have about all the cooking utensils I need.  We also do not have need to be cooking for more than two people.  So when you hear me say, "Hunny, when I get home we have to invest in one of these."  You know I am serious about it.

It was our Holiday gift to each other.  We ordered it through Amazon.  We also have Amazon prime.  Our gift arrived on Monday (we ordered it late Saturday).  The big box sat in the living room awaiting the grand opening.  We were having zero temps with below zero wind chills so we figured "NOW" was not the time to fire it up.  The temps were supposed to be moderate by the end of the week.  Our turkey was put to thaw in the fridge.  It was just under 14 lbs.

The Eve of Hanukkah/Christmas the day was supposed to be almost 50.  It barely made it over 40 but we knew we had to do that turkey and I wasn't about to dirty my oven and spend 4-5 hours basting and making dressing and giblet gravy.

Hunny, assembled the cooker.  I sat the turkey out to come to room temp.  Then re read how we were to treat the bird before cooking.  Rubs and injections were suggested but said to not be necessary.  We didn't have an injector and had not purchased rubs (we don't like pepper, most purchased ones have pepper and says sugar burns sometimes in the cooker.)

I proceeded to make my own rub.  I used 1/2 cup fine ground canning salt (not a kosher salt).  Then I eyeballed about 1/4 cup garlic powder, 1/8 cup paprika, and 1/8 poultry seasoning.  

The cooker was seasoned and burned off and the Turkey covered in vegetable oil and sprinkled heavily with the dry mix, and put in the basket and lowered into the cooker.
Suggestion: (which I never saw in the book or videos). They say, spread the birds legs; which we did.  We also folded the wings down so the tips wouldn't stick out the sides of the basket and burn.  When the legs were spread, it tilted the breast forward.  The breast got darker than we wanted, because it was close to the side of the cooker.  Next time we will be making sure the back bone of the bird is resting against the side of the cage.  BTW.  We used an oil saturated paper towel and oiled the rungs on the basket.  I think that did contribute to the ease of the basket cleanup.

Due to the cold we arranged our metal lawn chairs around the cooker and put up a ply wood surround and a sheet of plywood over the top (made a little hut for it).  Yes, we checked periodically to make sure nothing was reaching a temp where it would ignite.   

We set the kitchen timer to 1 hour and 20 minutes and then we were going to check to see if we needed to put the lid on.  Nope, the bird was looking superb and just a little over 1/2 done.  Went back in and set the timer for 60 minutes. Went about straightening up the kitchen, had to reach over the stove to put some spices in the upper cabinet...I didn't realize I had bumped the button on the long had it cooked.  We went out with the Thermometer and inserted sky rocketed way over 165....Whoops...get the hooker and get that bird out of there!
(BTW, we never had to use the lid).

It was set on the counter to cool for 20 minutes.  The drippings on the tray were clear so we had no worries it was done...Our worry was, had we, literally cooked our goose .  

We began deconstructing the left side of the bird.  Laying out the pieces and of course sampling as we went.  We had not scheduled dinner, we had a ton of left overs in the the icebox.  Needless to say the left overs are still there.  We sampled turkey all evening.  It was a pickers delight! (The breast wasn't over cooked or dry).

What happened to the right side of the turkey?  We called friends to see if they wanted a half of a turkey to have for supper.  Yes, we could have frozen it but it was so much fun sharing.

We can't wait to try other meats and I will have to get one of the baskets to double my pleasure in the cooker.  (There is a basket available to hang inside the other one for two tiered cooking.  Veggies can be done too, just like you do on the grill.) cleanup of the cooker did require a little elbow grease and a wooden spoon to scrape the residue off the bottom of the cooker after we burned of the inside  but it was nothing like the cleanup of an oven or the broiler pan from roasting a turkey.  I don't think it took us 10 minutes to clean and put away everything. 

What would I recommend this item for?  Do you need a gift for a wedding and they live in a small apartment?  Do you live in a climate where it is always hot and using the oven is a detriment?  Do you hate standing by a smoking Barbeque?  I can't think of any reason not to purchase this item.

We are only two old people (over 70) who wonder when they will be able to enjoy a life of leisure.  While we are waiting for this to happen we will be eating very well and cooking won't be monopolizing what time we have left.   

This "Grill" is handled by most of large retailers and various sources on line.  Our experience purchasing through Amazon has been exemplary.  Our Son bought his at Walmart.  The plus in purchasing through a brick and mortar store is you have somewhere to return it to if something should go wrong.  BUT...we can't for see anything going wrong with this well designed cooker.

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