This is not a garden blog, but you might see an article concerning gardening. It is a blog about me and the cultivation of my life. This is a place where I air my opinions and ideas. There will be stories about what is happening or has happened. I like to write poems, some will be good and some will be bad. I am never bored, I hope you won't find what I write about boring. Thank you for sharing time with me.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


Have mundane moments stolen time from us,
Over trivial things did we make a fuss,
Did we miss something important,
While we were out on a little jaunt?

Did, in an office, we sit for minutes on end,
Not even a moment to share with a friend,
Sitting with a magazine of useless information,
And advertisements of unattainable faraway vacations.

Did we sit, watching the Television, entranced,
Viewing a cooking show about food in France, 
Were our hands laying idly in our laps,
Our putting into our mouth fattening snacks.

These minutes into hours did stretch,
Were there times our breath we did catch,
For a moment we did visualize,
Was there a time when we did surmise?

Where has this year gone so fast,
Now is now gone and in the past,
Tomorrow approaching, seconds speeding by,
Don't fret about yesterday, don't even cry.  

Awake in the morning, fully refreshed,
Time is like a savings account of cash,
Withdraw it each day, no need to pay back,
Remember, put it to good use for things you lack.

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