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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


On December 31, 2016, we ushered in the new year using our
CHAR-BROIL BIG EASY TURKEY FRYER for the second time.   It continually amazes us.  Yes this is another product endorsement!!

Hanging in the basket you see the Venison leg from a 10 point buck we harvested on our property this year.  (Three deer were taken from here in 12 hours).  It made up for last year when we and our hunter friend didn't even see one deer during all the deer seasons.

The leg (I didn't weigh it) weighed appx 5 pounds.  We cooked it for an hour and 45 minutes. I checked it at an 75 minutes using the suggestion for beef of 15 minutes a pound. The Thermometer said 140.  I left it another 30 minutes and whoops the thermometer read 165.   I thought we had over-done it.  Nope, the thickest part of the leg was medium rare next to the bone.  It was gorgeous (It may have weighed more than the 5 lbs).  It was juicy (Deer legs do not have much fat on them). What did we do to prepare it?  Not a thing except use a small amount of the rub I had made for the Turkey in this blog:

I think I could have studded it with garlic cloves in the thickest part.  
The light application of rub was perfect.  

To support the roast in the basket I used several skewers and rested them on the bars of the basket.  
They weren't long enough to reach from side to side in the basket.  The skewers were to hold it upright so no part would be touching the sides of the basket putting it closer to the walls.  My theory was it would cook more evenly if it was dead center. 

Would I do anything different with the next leg?  Yes, I would hang it with the larger end up.  Why, because when reading (googling the cooker) I have read the cooker is hotter at the top.  That would keep the narrower end from being over done and I would be able to put the lid on and cook the thicker end faster.  Mind you the above is just a theory, but I do have a couple of more legs to experiment with.  (The dog loved the terribly over-done bits on the narrow end.)

You can see in the picture, the basket still looks brand new.  I am sure wiping the rungs with an oil saturated paper towel made the clean up a breeze.  I only had a couple of places I used steel wool and I could have probably gotten the places clean with one of those rough scrubby sponges.  (BTW Dollar tree has the best buy around for Steel wool pads.  They are smaller so you don't feel bad about throwing them away if they start rusting.)

Clean up in the barrel...easy peazy.  I used a wooden spoon when we took out the basket and scraped up the hot drippings..left them in the bottom of the barrel till it gets hot having your arm down in there....even with the gas off.  When cool I removed the barrel and put a tablespoon of oil in the bottom and further scraped with a wooden spoon the bottom.  The oil helped to lift the scrapings off the bottom. Then I took more oil soaked paper towels and wipe the sides thoroughly and cleaned out the bottom of extra oil and burned drippings. Then I took a clean paper towel and wiped off the excess remaining oil, leaving a light film for protection.  

After this experience I recommend this item as the ultimate gift for your hunting significant other. 

I can't wait to try it with a plain old chicken and some foil covered sweet potatoes.

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