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Saturday, June 3, 2017


There have been numerous women in my life who could fill the shoes of "Wonder Woman".  They didn't need Arm bands or shields.

They had the strength of their convictions.  Compassion in their souls.  They knew what the right thing was and did it. 

They were born in times of stress.  They had to work hard for what they wanted, nothing was given to them.  

The first one I met when I was only a baby.  I didn't realize till I was a woman myself that she was this amazing woman.  She was my mom.  She organized a household for six children, Making sure they were given the opportunities to grow and become all they could be.  Of course this was in the age of Ozzie and Harriet and that was what a "woman" was supposed to do.  To sum up my growing up I never missed a day when I didn't sit at the breakfast table.

Along came My Great Aunt Flora.  I don't remember if I met her when I was younger but I do remember when I was ten or so, going to her home.  On this trip we visited her store. Yes, "Her" store.  She owned a hardware store.  To me it was gigantic.  I don't know if it was or if it was just a little neighborhood store.  She owned and ran it.  She talked about all the tools (talked to me as if I was an adult).  It was like she thought I understood what she was saying.

We returned to her home.  She had a small hobby farm with chickens and a big garden.  She had the most marvelous tractor parked in her garage. It was a Cub Cadet. Its name fascinated me and the fact she drove it and mowed her lawn with it, I stood there filled with awe.  

From that big garden she served us lunch.  She had canned green beans before we arrived.  I remember thinking, how did she learn to do everything.  

She was born in the age of "Flappers".  There was a great pix of her in her favorite outfit on her dresser.  I stared at it wondering what wonderful parties she had been to wearing it.

She had survived the great depression running her hardware store.

Years went by filled with several women whom I would call wonder women.   Women who dedicated their lives to their families and making time for others.  One of these women was Louise Goldman.  She was woman of the year in St. Louis.  We met her through teaching her Children in Religious School.  She was one of the most unselfish people I have ever met.

Then there came a small little Lady who didn't know when she was born because she had been an orphan.  Her sister had told her she was 16 so she could marry her off and inherit the family's belongings.  This was in 1889.  I met her when she was about 80.  Our Children were four and five years old.  I saw her goats out in the field and drove up the drive to find out who owned them (We owned a herd of goats).  

We were met at the gate by a lady with a 22 rifle, Octagon barrel.  Telling us to get back down the road.  I explained I only was wondering whose Goats those were.  It's a long story, which I need to write down.  This woman became an adopted grandmother to our kids.  Helping us to teach them the meaning of unconditional love.  Our Granddaughter carries her name.

Today is our Daughter's Birthday.  She joins my list of Wonder Women.  She began her career as a kennel cleaner, working forty hours a week at the age of fourteen. She was in the Corporate world for 20 years and now she is working as an event planner.  She did this without a Bachelors degree in anything.   She worked while having two wonderful children.

Our Birthday wish for our Daughter is: That she too, has "Wonder Women" in her life.

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