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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


An unsettled world seems to becoming more unsettled each day.  It is like we are balanced precariously on the edge.  I was perusing some of my writings.  I came across this poem I wrote July 4, 2007.  It brought to mind several news events lately.  

Since I wrote this, in 2016 our son retired after 30 years in the navy.  His last couple of years were spent on the USS Carl Vinson.  He didn't want to retire but it was mandatory.  I am thanking G-d that he retired.  His Ship is now in the Pacific, out side North Korea.  Where unsettled is the middle name of the country.

We still have racial tensions.

We still have women striving to be equally evaluated in the workplace.

We are still judging new arrivals by their religious affiliations.

This poem addresses why we are who we are and why we should question anything which threatens to remove our "freedoms" and the compassion which accompanies them. 

I thank My son, the friends of my son, the parents of all the sons and daughters who are risking their lives to insure our freedoms.

"Where would we be today?"

Do you think of where you might be today,
If, the Patriots had not stepped up to say,
They wanted deliverance from England's rule,
Had they not fought the ultimate of duels?

What would've happened if the south had their way,
Would we be a nation, which half would be slaves,
Would we welcome those from far away shores,
Or would we be separatist closing our doors?

This nation, would it's voice be as loud,
If the suffragettes had not been so proud,
What if they hadn't stood up for their rights,
Where would women be without that fight?

A new nation, born under the stars,
Supporting the rights of others, near and far,
Sharing our wealth, which is more than monetary,
Providing a home for the down trodden and weary.

Have you thought of what you'd be doing today,
Would you have to do it another way,
If others hadn't stepped up to the plate,
Would today already be too late?

In this country of ours where would you live,
Would you have the freedom to give,
A welcome to someone of another race,
Or would each of us be wearing the same face?

Think about it, about this country, from sea to sea,
Would you have the choice of where you would be?

Have a wonderful fourth, celebrate, remembering those that have gone before us to give us this day.  We will remember our Uncle Ben, a man so shy and meek but a giant when he served in Italy in World War II.  We will remember the child he protected while there, only to leave her, wondering if she grew up to be married and have children.  We will remember these things, knowing we have a son in the navy who protected others in the Middle East and is waiting to be called if needed to protect us, and our freedoms.
 July 4, 2002

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