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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I make regular stops at my local Thrift shop.   Most of the times I find great necessaries for the kitchen.  Maybe some replacement dishes for my sets of china.  Yes you hear correctly.  China in the plural.  You see my hunny has "asked" me not to bring home anymore dish sets.  He request with a sigh and a look.  I love dishes and there are only the two of us.  

I also look for gizmos which other people have grown tired of, such as, George Forman grills, Pans that have hardly been used, baking items.  Last trip I acquired a brand new Oster waffle iron.  It had never left the box. The tissue paper was still between the grills.  

I always thought this was stuff people grew tired of, which had been put out for a garage sale and it hadn't sold.  It was like the old saying, "One man's junk is another Man's treasure." This last trip opened my eyes and actually brought tears to my eyes.

The first item I came across which brought a fleeting sad thought to my mind was a stack of almost new spring form pans, 3 different sizes.  I thought why would a baker use these pans once or twice and then discard them.  I've never had new ones, only the hand-me-down tin ones.  I use them very seldom and couldn't rationalize the cost of the new ones.  I just made do with the ones I had.

I imagined that someone had to "down size" and this was the least used item which took up the most space and then I continued browsing through the store.  I couldn't even fathom another circumstance which would make some one part with their great pans.

Down the isle and in the back, the store has incidentals.  Things like nick knacks, appliances, lamps, and various odd pieces. There, hanging on the end of a shelf was dog collars and leashes.  

The size of them, they were just the right size for my "puppy". (He has his own blog.)
The one leash was enormous and you could tell that it had been well used, but was still in excellent shape.  I thought, "This will be great for Boych".  Then it hit me, "Why was this leash here?"  "Where is the dog which used this?"

I hope this is like the case of the lady who downsized her kitchen in her move, and she couldn't take her big baby with her so he went to another loving home.  Then I thought,
"What happens to my pots and pans and all the things I treasure?  
When will I no longer need this leash?"

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